Cross Conneciton Control Systems Protect Water Supplies

Contamination of the water supply has been an ongoing concern since the inception of water piping. With advances in plumbing systems, it was hoped that water contamination would no longer be a threat. But new problems came with

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the new technologies. After creating a closed water supply to block open contamination, back pressure became the new concern that would allow unsafe water to enter the clean water. In order to fix this problem, cross connection control was developed to put parts in place that would prevent the back pressure and infiltration of the clean water. To address the various types of problems that can occur, several protection systems were designed.

If you think of siphoning water from one jug to another, you may understand how water pressure causes the forward movement or flow from one system to another. A sudden drop in water pressure can cause the water to flow in the opposite direction. If the water in a system reverses, it can carry any number of particles with it. To keep this from happening, cross connection control systems are used. The main system is protected, allowing only the sections outside to be affected.

The cross connection control devices come in several styles. The Air Gap protection is the most effective which provides a physical pokies online break in water flow when the inlet is fed into a

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tank. Should the tank overflow or become contaminated, this protects the incoming water line. The separation is such that there is no way for the tank water to flow back into the system. Other systems must use devices that have watertight seals that automatically close when detecting the reverse flow of water.

The issues of

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potential backflow contamination will never fully go away. However, the cross connection control systems provide a safety feature that automatically closes, seals, or separates the inflowing system. When the water flow is not functioning as it should, the system protects the incoming clean supply from anything that has passed through.